“Who gives us more understanding than the animals of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the sky?”

Job 35:11

I don’t remember my life before my first puppy. I was only 2 years old. Her name was Princess. We grew up together.

When she was a year or two old, she had a litter of puppies. One of her boys, named Sarge, became our neighbor’s pet. They were able to visit through the backyard fences.

As we got older, we became best friends. She was there for many of my life experiences:
when my newborn sister came home from the hospital,
when I came home from my first day of school,
when I lost my first grandma,
when I moved to a new house,
when I made new friends.

Every time Princess would see me, she’d greet me with excitement and love. We would cuddle together on the big porch swing and I’d pet her while I sang for endless hours, and when I cried over some terrible injustice I had endured.

There was a time when she was hit by a car. She had a limp. Thankfully she made a full recovery.

There was also a time when she went missing…

She always stayed in our yard while my dad worked outside or my sister and I played on our swing set. But on this particular day, she didn’t come when she was called. We drove around the area to search for her. But she was nowhere to be found. We were all devastated. We hoped she would come back.

My grandma called after a couple of days and said she had spotted Princess in a woman’s car in a nearby town. She confronted the woman, who denied it. But my grandma seemed so sure. My dad didn’t want us to get our hopes up.

Several days later, my grandma showed up at our house. Princess was in the back seat of her car with a huge red bow on her neck! She found Princess wandering around the town and had gotten her tags checked to make sure she was ours before bringing her home. We imagine that the woman let her go after my grandma had talked to her. We were so grateful for the reunion and more years to spend together!

Princess lived to be 16 years old and was a faithful friend until the end.

Pets have a huge impact on our lives. Their willingness to love us unconditionally gives us the confidence to share our love with others. God created animals to share our world. Sometimes a special animal will change our lives. They are never forgotten.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the special animals You bring into our lives, and the love and companionship we share. Please help us to learn from them to love others unconditionally.

Journal: What animals have you had in your life? Write about a special memory.

2 thoughts on “Princess

  1. Such a lovely reflection about your special dog, Becky! It made me think about all the ways my little empty nest addition (a sweet and lively labradoodle) makes my life so much sweeter.

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