God Provides

“Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, because the Lord holds his hand.”

Psalm 37:24

While on a walk with my son, I fell and broke my arm. A total fluke. I was just walking and then I was spread out flat on my stomach. I did an assessment and thought that I was okay. But when I went to get up, part of my arm came up and the other part didn’t. I was close to home so I could walk. My son let me in the front door and my husband drove me to the hospital.

I had an overwhelming sense of peace. I knew it was broken and would require surgery. I knew God would provide the help I needed. He has never let me down.

The Lord provided family, friends, and members of my church to provide meals, cards, and support. My parents changed their vacation plans to be there for my surgery and to spend extra time with me and my family. My sister came over several times to wash and style my hair. He provided a skilled surgeon with a gentle and positive spirit. My friend Beth taught me ways I could begin working on moving my arm, hand, and fingers to reduce the swelling and also to encourage me. My physical therapist was helpful and said he wished all of his patients were as upbeat and hardworking as me.

I know all of this came from the Lord. There is nothing we cannot do with His help. We have to do our part, but we must also ask for His help in prayer and through others who walk beside us. We were not meant to do everything in our power.


Dear Lord,

Thank You for Your provisions. Thank You for Your peace and presence in our lives. Thank You for those You send to help us and for providing the strength and endurance we need to get through the tough times. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

Journal: In what areas are you struggling? Ask God for His help and provisions. Is there someone who could use your help today?

Photo by Dylan Brown on Unsplash

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