A Child in Heaven

“For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16

My best friend’s daughter, Samantha, and her husband Troy, welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Jayden. He was a few months old before doctors discovered that he had a problem with his heart. As time progressed, he was placed on a machine to help his body function. Jayden needed a new heart.

During a hospital visit, Samantha and I prayed. We asked God to send Jayden a new heart and to comfort the family who would have to lose their own child to make that possible.

It was only a week or two later that a donor was found! The hospital waiting room was filled with family and friends during the long surgery. It was a success!

Jayden healed and grew stronger. He went home and spent time with his family. He was a happy child, full of life. Everyone was blessed by his loving and positive spirit. He got to meet his little sister Hailey and spent many fun times with her. He loved playing with his trains and dinosaurs and spending time outside.

Jayden had additional health battles. He would willingly hop into the car to go to a doctor’s appointment or to the hospital because he knew they would help him. These visits were a normal part of his life and those that cared for him were like family.

When he was 3 years and 9 months old, Jayden went to heaven. He had made a huge difference in the lives of all who knew him. The hospital waiting room was again filled with those who loved him and came to say goodbye. Here is a prayer poem I wrote for Samantha and Troy during that time:

Oh Lord, I miss my little boy as only You can understand.
I miss his smile and special words.
I miss holding his hand.
I miss his hugs and having him sit upon my knee.
I wish so badly that he were here with me.

Although Jayden was so very ill, I hoped getting better would be Your will.
He went through so much in his short life.
He was my hero through all of the strife.
Though he’s now with You, happy, healthy, and whole,
I wish he were here with every part of my soul.

Lord, You know how hard this is and with You I will get through.
But I will NEVER forget my little guy
and will look forward to the day when he greets me in the sky!

Please tell him that I love him each and every day.
And I aim to do the best I can with Your help, I pray.
I will go on living until my time does come.
I’ll love his sister Hailey, and raise her to believe
that living and loving are most important, indeed.

The ties that bind our hearts together will never come undone.
Dear Lord, please look after Jayden, my very precious son.

It was a difficult time for all to understand why Jayden had to go. We will not fully comprehend the reasons while here on earth. But thankfully we have a Heavenly Father who does. He gave His only Son for us so that we could live forever with Him. Christ’s death and resurrected life gives us the hope which helps us through our grief and the strength to continue living with the loss of a loved one.

Jayden’s family continues to live fully and love deeply. They have added another son, Jack, to their family. They still lovingly remember and talk about Jayden often. Their strength and courage are an inspiration to all who are blessed to know them.

Most of us know someone or have been part of a family who has lost a child. Some have gone before they were born, while others have grown into adulthood. There is always grief and a feeling of lost time. Please know that we are not alone in this process. It is because we have loved so deeply that the pain is so great. These feelings will soften over time and life will go on, but the memories and love will remain.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for the children You have sent into our lives and for the gift of time we’ve spent together. Please help those who have lost a child to remember the past with love. Thank You for the hope of heaven that comes to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please stay close by those who are hurting and give them the strength and courage to continue living.
In Christ’s name,

Journal: Who have you known that has lost a loved one? Write you thoughts or prayers for them. In what ways can you help them through their grieving or encourage them today?

5 thoughts on “A Child in Heaven

  1. Becky, this poem was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for us. I am so happy you are sharing this here. we are so appreciative for all of your love and support though all the years thank you for thinking of us we love you 💖

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