Palm Sunday

“The King who comes
in the name of the Lord
is the blessed One.
Peace in heaven
and glory in the highest heaven!”

Luke 19:38

“they took palm branches and went out to meet Him. They kept shouting: ‘Hosanna! He who comes in the name of the Lord is the blessed One—the King of Israel!'”

John 12:13

The crowds came out to greet Jesus and called Him “King”! They were excited to see Him!

As Jesus rode into town on a young donkey, cloaks were spread on the ground to make a path and people were shouting praises while waving palm branches!

Yet, Jesus knew that the remainder of His earthly life was short. He knew that He would soon be betrayed and crucified. Even then, Jesus wasn’t thinking of Himself, but of the people who didn’t know His true identity and purpose. They needed a Savior, but they could not understand.

There are times when we cause the Lord to grieve. We may begin by doing the right things, yet go astray. We might work on our own, without consulting Him. Or, we may lose patience and neglect to wait for His timing. God loves us and knows what is best for us. He longs to be our helper and provider. By seeking His guidance, we can grow in knowledge and in our relationship with Him. Then we are able to share the wonderful truths of His love with others.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for sending Jesus into the world. He will always be the role model for how we are to live. Thank you that even when His time was near, His focus was on the people who needed a Savior
In Christ’s name, Amen.

Journal: Read John 12:1-18. Spend this week focusing on Jesus and the gift of His life and His sacrifice for us. We can sing His praises any time. And when the difficulties come, we can trust Him fully.

Photo by Brady Leavell on Unsplash

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