Slow and Steady

“You reveal the path of life to me;
in Your presence is abundant joy;
in Your right hand are eternal pleasures.”

Psalm 16:11

“The plans of the diligent certainly lead to profit,
but anyone who is reckless certainly becomes poor.”

Proverbs 21:5

By doing small things consistently, we create confidence, comfort, and connections that will remain even when the tough times come and interrupt their completion. It’s a way to put the tasks we deem important on auto pilot…”It’s just what we do.” These habits allow us to still follow through.

These small steps move us in the direction we have chosen to go. They build our confidence, because we can see our faithfulness to follow through as we reap the benefits over time. This allows us to build strong connections with others because they know we can be counted on.

They also build mini traditions and structure in our lives. Activities such as family prayers around the table or ending our days with family time add a layer of peace and comfort. In a world with so many changes and issues we can’t control, knowing we can depend on some consistent structure keeps us grounded.

We grow our muscles by periodically stretching them and giving them time to recover. We plant a garden, water it, and periodically weed out the intruders, to grow a harvest in time. In the same way, we make a commitment to what we want to accomplish and take time to break it into manageable steps we can complete little by little.

We can’t rush these changes. If we hurry, we risk making a mistake, getting injured, or trying to reap the rewards before they are ready.

Slow and steady is a peaceful, maintainable pace for the long haul. It allows us to have more balance in our lives and time to savor our days.

Though we can’t do everything at once, we can keep making progress in that direction. Start with a small task such as gathering supplies, cleaning out one corner, or walking one block. The Lord walks beside us and His timing is perfect. We will get there as long as we keep taking this as a slow and steady journey.

Dear Lord,
Thank You for Your guidance. You have created us in Your image to grow and move through life at a slow and steady pace with rest and recovery built in. Help us find comfort in this pace and not always feel the need to rush along.
In Christ’s name, Amen.

Journal: In what areas are you rushing through life? Where are you not moving? How can you begin to move at a slow and steady pace?

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

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